• Need to be off for 3+ days? Please let the Chieftain or the Elders know.
  • Keep your weekly Honor higher than 500
  • Join tribe wars. If you are unable to be there, let us know in advance.


We have a discord server, it is not mandatory but you are welcome to join us 🙂

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Material Donation

To donate material you must go to the tribe tab and click Resource Info and click Donate.

What to donate

Always give priority to wood and stone and donate 300 weekly.
The material donation resets every Monday.

steps to know how to do the donation

Weekly Quests

Behemoth Trial

Frequency: 3x a week
To do the Behemoth Trial you must go to the tribe and go to the Behemoth Ground, talk to the NPC and choose the level.

steps to Behemoth Trial

Isle Raider

Frequency: Every Thursday at 9:00pm (UTC -7)
It is extremely important to participate in Isle Raider, capturing an island guarantees a number of materials that help to raise the level of the guild.
The quest must be done with a party of up to 5 players and the party leader must choose the Island that best meets the guild’s needs.

steps to do the quests

Tribe war

Frequency: Every Saturday at 9:00pm (UTC -7)
Tribe war requires 40 players and no group is required to participate.
To participate you must go to the tribe at the indicated time and talk to the Blackstone Aruata.
War can be difficult so Boost Food, Regen food and Elemental flasks are indicated.

War tutorial steps

Daily Quests

Deity Errands

Frequency: 2x a day
Go to the Tribe and talk to the elementals at the guild center.
Yellow to help with wood – Green to help with stones
Only make other colors when yellow and green are 100% complete
Deity errands can accumulate a total of 4x

Steps to do Deity Errands

Sea Conquest

Frequency: 2x a day, non-accumulative
Do 1x Ship and 1x Wood or Rock Isles

Sea Conquest Steps

Remember that by helping the guild you get Honor that you can use in the Trading Warehouse to purchase training scrolls, equipment parts, Vigor, First Shards and other essentials to improve your character.

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